Endless Summer

In the garden

Focal point

Using the big, attractive blooms of your Endless Summer® hydrangea to draw attention to a specific place in your garden, in front of your house or on the terrace. Endless Summer® hydrangeas are always certain to attract attention!

Foundation Plantings

Create a structure and pleasant atmosphere in your garden with impressive hydrangeas and their colourful shrubs. The natural height of Endless Summer® hydrangeas is perfect for planting underneath trees, both in the landscape or in your garden.

Soften a hedge/fence line

Soften a hedge or fence line by planting your beautiful hydrangea in front – Endless Summer® hydrangeas are perfect to cover fence lines. The strong stems and the endless succession of blooms are also perfect to be used as a natural fence.

Mixed with perennials

Add variety and texture to your garden by mixing hydrangeas with other perennials. Your local garden centre will be able to suggest plenty of possible combinations – there are hundreds and hundreds of perennial varieties to choose from. 

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